RELEASED: 1 marzo 2006
ARTIST: Niki La Rosa
PRODUCER: Ian Campbell
Highways and Skies

Produced by Ian Campbell

Arranged by Niki La Rosa and Phil Aldridge

Except “E Ritornerò”, “Ma Il cuore dov’è”, “Ritornando indietro con la mente”

arranged by Phil Aldridge and Pete Wilsher

Niki La Rosa: voice, acustic and electric guitar

Ian Campbell: bass on “E tu vai”

Tim Huskisson: piano and clarinet

Pete Wilsher: pedal steel and classical guitar

Siobhan Campbell: back vocals on “E tu vai”

Jerry Bloom: fiddle

Phil Aldridge: drums, percussions and double bass

recorded, mixed and mastered by Phil Aldridge at Nightfly Studios, Southen on sea, London

graphics by Mario Ciambelli.

all songs written by Niki La Rosa

except “E’ la solita storia” and “Ritornando indietro con la mente”, lyrics by Gino and Niki La Rosa.




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